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BioBag offers a wide assortment of products for the collection of organic waste from municipalities, commercial kitchens, and institutions. BioBag products are environmentally sustainable alternatives to regular plastics products. The HORECA industry creates a large amount of organic waste. This waste is a huge resource that should not go to landfills. The best way to handle all this organic waste is through composting. Composting makes a valuable, high quality product while also reducing tipping fees. The most cost effective and hygienic way to collect all this waste is with BioBag compostable bags and liners.

BioBag’s HORECA assortment includes a wide variety of food waste bags, sacks, and liners. We offer larger quantities packaged in cases suitable for municipalities, commercial kitchens, wholesalers, and institutions. siit.

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BioBag small bags are available in 8, 10, 20 and 30 litres bulk quantities and are suitable for different sizes of caddies. For larger containers, BioBag offers sacks and liners in sizes ranging from 35 to 240 litres. By using fully compostable liners in waste containers, you ensure better hygiene and reduce the need for cleaning the containers. BioBag liners are intended for hygienically lining containers and bins, whereas BioBag sacks are thicker for carrying weight.

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The composting of food waste and other organics is an important and growing initiative in many parts of the world. Composting has numerous environmental benefits and our company is proud to play an important role in this process.

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